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About Us

Harrison Frazer was founded with three distinctive aims:

Set the industry benchmark of best-in-class for Retained Executive Search; live and breathe specific industry growth patterns to stay ahead of the game; and most importantly – create lasting, persistent competitive advantage for our clients through rapid, efficient, targeted appointments.

Our internal recruitment process for Harrison Frazer Consultants is equally as rigorous as that which we provide for our clients – we only hire the best; not just those who are academically and technically brilliant, but those who are culturally diverse and well-rounded too.

We foster an ethos of ‘go the extra mile, and then go another’ – we don’t just do what is needed; we set the bar of excellence. We appoint the best people, first time, every time.

We are a trusted advisor to many leading multinational organizations, providing not only effective search and selection services, but also providing market intelligence access through our dedicated research team. We don’t just provide a service; we listen to the situation, understand the problem, and provide the best solution.

There are four pillars to our success, and those which we stand by:

‘Knowledge-rich’ Culture

We are now seeing problems arise quicker than ever in the era of instant dispersion through e-commerce. The technocratic shift in required skills means a deeper knowledge of our clients’ pressing needs (technical, not just corporate) is crucial. With this in mind, we foster a ‘knowledge-rich’ culture – each of our Consultants has a background in their respective industry sectors.


At Harrison Frazer, we believe in a truly personal approach. Transactional relationships are a thing of the past – we focus on fostering lasting, meaningful, and valuable relationships with our clients. We work on the same side of the table in a Partnership model to ‘live and breathe’ our clients’ recruitment initiatives.


Harrison Frazer is a professional services firm from its periphery to its core. We don’t just ‘sell’ recruitment services, we create effective professional recruitment solutions for our clients. When both the product we deliver, and the client being served, are people, it is imperative for professionalism to be a core driver of how an Executive Search firm operates. We do not deviate from this imperative.


Our Consultants are engrained members of our internal corporate community. We take this very seriously – when part of the Harrison Frazer network, our Consultants are a part of a broader vision of trust and integrity. Our deep trust in one another; our single-firm-vision; and our mutual-benefits aligned compensation structure creates the environment needed for success beyond that of personal gain. Interlinked harmony gives Harrison Frazer a leveraged sustained competitive advantage against our competitors.