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It is no secret that effective organisations are led by an effective leadership team. The complex challenge of finding senior level executives is one which requires an extremely methodical approach at every step of the journey.

The genesis of Harrison Frazer was brought about by an exceptional set of Consultants from their previous Executive Search firm heritage, based in Leeds in the UK. These Consultants spent their careers pioneering new, innovative and most importantly – extremely effective recruitment solutions for their clients. The results spoke for themselves, and from there – their CEO agreed to make the logical investment to create Harrison Frazer – the first Executive Search firm of its kind – to set a precedent and mark an industry standard for value-adding recruitment solutions. It is these systems and processes which Harrison Frazer uses to serve its clients.

Our Retained search model comprises:

  • 1/ Market mapping -> A dedicated research team maps the relevant market outside of our already existing network
  • 2/ In parallel, our Consultants check back in to our existing network (existing candidates) to uncover referrals – Our referral capacity is unrivalled – individuals always want to make referrals if they have been dealt with professionally in the past.
  • 3/ All appropriate candidates approached by our Consultants and pre-qualified.
  • 4/ Extensive interviewing of each candidate.
  • 5/ Process management -> We manage all levels of communication between candidates and the client, providing advice/guidance along the way to ensure a seamless process for all parties.
  • 6/ Each offer is managed, and delivered in the appropriate way, with a start-date agreed.
  • 7/ Guidance of each candidate through their resignation process.
  • 8/ Reference taking service.
  • 9/ Offer guidance/advice on any relocation/visa issues which can sometimes come about.
  • 10/ Secure confirmation of successful employment.
  • 11/ Post-placement services, ensuring each candidate is well settled in.

When it comes to finding the ‘right’ people, the cultural ‘fit’ is crucial!

We pride ourselves on building winning relationships with both clients and candidates through in-depth sector expertise. Each of our industry practices has its own research team, which works in parallel with each Consultant to provide frequent updates on shifting industry-trends. Similarly, our Consultants provide feedback to our research teams with any additional information uncovered during the screening/interview process – we leave no stone unturned, the result of which is an incredibly rich base of knowledge-capital which we utilise in an advisory capacity for future clients. Our ethos is focused on our value adding capabilities undergoing continued growth – we only ever take steps forward.

When it comes to finding the ‘right’ people, the cultural ‘fit’ is crucial. At Harrison Frazer, we adopt a very personable culture, and hence are well tuned to detect, understand, and deliver the culture requirements of our clients. Each organisation has its own cultural alignment, and we understand that before anything else, each candidate must be culturally aligned. In addition to our sensing of those who are culturally suitable, our integration methodology ensures that new Executives/Leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without sacrificing initial momentum within their new role.

Whilst the cultural fit is extremely important, we follow our tried and true method to ensure that all measures of fit are aligned between the candidates, and the position.

These are:

  • 1/ Culture,
  • 2/ Metrics (performance);
  • 3/ Team-building ability;
  • 4/ Team-leading ability;
  • 5/ Capacity for quick integration;
  • 6/ Ambition.

Our methodology has been developed as an amalgamation of previously successful methodologies pioneered and created by our founding Directors during their previous career prior to Executive Sponsorship to found Harrison Frazer.