Building Materials

Sourcing future leaders for the building materials industry.

Our Building Materials team covers all aspects of building materials including mining, quarrying and the processing of raw materials through to the end product.


Building your perfect team.

The need for Building Materials in today’s world is paramount across many different markets. The Building Materials division within Harrison Frazer operates across several market segments of the Industry. Whether engaging in mining, quarrying, extracting or processing of raw materials all the way through to the end product, we have the experience necessary to help you hire the right talent.

We work closely with some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Building Materials globally. This experience allows us to understand our clients’ needs on both a technical and cultural level to continue to drive their business forward and continue to deliver on their requirements time and time again.

Our network within the industry allows us to have access to the top talent across all market verticals, allowing us to provide our clients with exactly what they are looking for. The Building Materials division works with candidates operating at varying levels from mid-level management to C-Suit Executives.


our specialisms.

Raw Materials
Plumbing Products
Air Conditioning
Ceramic Flooring
Glass Flooring
Concrete Flooring
Stone Flooring
Porcelain Flooring


We have access to talent across all continents.

Our Building Materials team at Harrison Frazer consists of consultants and researchers operating on a global scale. We specialise in a range of areas within this sector, providing a quality service to our clients, regardless of location.

Rich knowledge across the Building sector.

We do things differently. Each of our consultants specialise in one specific industry. We truly believe that this enhances their knowledge whilst allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news and much more.

Every search is tailored to your individual needs.

We understand that each of our clients have individual needs during the recruitment process. We tailor our search process based on your criteria, ensuring that we provide the best results and get it right, first time.





Kyle Beyer
TIGER Drylac

"I have worked with a few recruiters throughout my career and Joseph has topped the list. He was always on point, transparent and never overbearing. From our first conversation, I felt like he knew exactly how my skill set could benefit my (potential) company."

Kay Witte
Bekkers Group

"Joseph was instrumental in making my last professional opportunity happen. He was easy to work with, responsive, and persistent enough without overstepping. He had sufficient and the right content information to answer my questions and even consider a change."

Jennifer Riordan
Lintech International

"Joseph is the best recruiter I've worked with to date. He was very thorough in his description of the position and the company I was interviewing with. His follow up was excellent and he was very patient. I highly recommend working with Joseph."


MEET Joseph Davey.

I am the Divisional Director at Harrison Frazer, overseeing the Chemicals industry. If you currently have any hiring needs, feel free to reach out to me or submit a vacancy on our website.

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