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Our Transportation team is supporting the need for new Automotive, Aerospace and Rail professionals through increased demand for new skills and technologies.


gearing up for the future.

The developing outlook for the Transportation sector has increased the demand for new, influential leaders who are able to take the market to the next level. The relationship between the Transportation markets and the need for improved technologies, along with an understanding of how to implement & utilise these new technologies for better business outcomes, is now at the forefront of decision makers’ minds in the race for new talent. Pinpointing the perfect employee with these new requirements in mind has recently shaped the transformation of the hiring process within the Transportation markets.

Our capabilities ensure that we can deliver the appropriate support to Transportation organisations and we can target leaders who will guarantee achievement regardless of function or seniority. Harrison Frazer has developed a strong status of successfully collaborating with leading sector Tier 1’s, Tier 2’s and OEMs throughout Europe, NAFTA and Asia. This allows us to work intensely with our partners, finding talent that moves and adapts to the growth of the market itself.

With over 15 million people across Europe, 10 million across NAFTA and 8 million across Asia - all contributing to this essential part of the global economy – now integrating the upcoming new technologies into our everyday lives brings new challenges. Suppliers and Regulators need to meet complex needs whilst integrating these technologies and in parallel must maintain economic performance to support their ongoing business success. Harrison Frazer has developed an extensive international knowledge-base of this technologically-focused new landscape within the Transportation markets, and has a focused network of high calibre candidates to ensure our clients receive the best, and most appropriate talent with these shifting industry-wide requirements in mind.


our specialisms.

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Transportation experts.

We have access to talent across all continents.

Our Transportation team at Harrison Frazer consists of consultants and researchers operating on a global scale. We specialise in a range of areas within this sector, providing a quality service to our clients, regardless of location.

Rich knowledge across the Transportation sector.

We do things differently. Each of our consultants specialise in one specific industry. We truly believe that this enhances their knowledge whilst allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news and much more.

Every search is tailored to your individual needs.

We understand that each of our clients have individual needs during the recruitment process. We tailor our search process based on your criteria, ensuring that we provide the best results and get it right, first time.





Frederik Nilsson

"I had the pleasure to work with Cathleen in my latest career move where she introduce me to my new employer. She did a fantastic job facilitating the job interviews, gave regular feedback, organizing daily follow up calls as well as took an active role in the contract negotiation to ensure that both parties could quickly agree on a win-win solution."

Louis Decrop

"Interviews with the candidate were rapidly organised . After each meeting Cathleen called us for quick feedback and to know if there was something she could do to help, she was helpful for supplying the references from the candidate's previous employers that we needed. Today this candidate is working for us and I believe he is a very good recruit. "

Petr Vitovec
Daubert Cromwell

"I was working with Ben for last couple months and he was always svery professional and fell me in good hands! His feedback and activities was also in time and as promised! I'm very appreciate his job."



I lead the Transportation sector at Harrison Frazer. If you currently have any hiring needs, feel free to reach out to me or submit a vacancy on our website.

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